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Discover and experience the magic and rich history of the Maltese Islands. We are centrally located in Rabat, in the old Roman city of Melita, within walking distance of the medieval, fortified city of Mdina (also known as the Silent City) and other numerous historical attractions.

One can also take a stroll in the public gardens, and sit around in the numerous cafes, bars and eateries which Rabat and Mdina are renowned for, including a number of restaurants mentioned in the Michelin Guide.


Walk around the lovely streets of Rabat and experience its charming alleyways, striking attractions and affluent history.

Historically, Rabat formed part of the old capital city of Malta named Melita, today known as Mdina. Melita served as the capital city of Malta for many hundreds of years and it is home to various Roman and Arab remains. It is also the location of Saint Paul’s Grotto where Saint Paul famously took refuge after his shipwreck in Malta, and home to the Basilica of Saint Paul. One can also find a number of early Christian catacombs open to the public.

Rabat is rich in history and this is embodied through the numerous attractions one can find just a stone’s throw away from 100 Boutique Living.

Just a 5-minute walk from 100 Boutique Living: St. Paul’s Catacombs, St. Agatha’s Crypt, Catacombs and Museums, St. Paul’s Grotto, Casa Bernard, Domus Romana, Howard Gardens, Wignacourt Museum, Churches, restaurants and many more!


7 minute walk from 100 Boutique Living.

One of Malta’s most renowned cities, Mdina goes by many names – Mdina, Melita, Medina, the Silent City, Città Vecchia (the Old City) and Città Notabile (The Notable City). Mdina is a fortified city with a history like no other. Its timeless ambiance provides Europe with one of the finest examples of an ancient walled city.

Wander through the peaceful and quiet streets of beautiful Mdina, absorb the unique architecture and style, and experience the magnificent Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Paul, and the numerous palaces, churches, chapels and museums the Silent City has to offer. Moreover, a walk along the Mdina bastions will guarantee you breathtaking views of Malta.

Rounding up your day with an enticing lunch or a cup of tea and cake at one of the many restaurants and coffee shops housed at Mdina will surely culminate your day perfectly.

Mdina is also popular in the international film industry and has featured in the critically acclaimed series Game of Thrones.

Dingli Cliffs

10 minute drive from 100 Boutique Living

Enjoy magnificent, spectacular views of one of the most popular sites on the island, which will leave every visitor breathless. It is about 253 metres above sea level, which is the highest point on the Maltese Islands. Dingli Cliffs offers exceptional, striking panoramic coastal views of the Island.

Enjoy the beautiful sunset a few minutes away from 100 Boutique Living at Dingli Cliffs.

Buskett Gardens

10 minute drive from 100 Boutique Living

Enjoy a quiet morning walk or an afternoon picnic at the Buskett Gardens, one of the few woodlands found in Malta. The woodlands adjoin the Verdala Palace, the Presidential summer residence.

The gardens know their origins at least since the post-Roman Republic period and in which sexual celebrations in honour of their gods were traditional. When Eastern Christianity took root in Malta, this pagan feast was replaced by the Christian celebrations of St. Peter and St. Paul. Buskett Gardens were planted by the Knights Hospitaller as a hunting reserve.

More Places of Interest Close To Us

San Anton Gardens

10 minute drive from 100 Boutique Living

Ta’ Qali Crafts Village

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Popeye’s Village

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The Blue Lagoon

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Malta International Airport

30 minute drive from 100 Boutique Living

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  • Touring Rabat and Mdina
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