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À La Carte Breakfast

The mouth-watering à la carte breakfast offered complimentary for all 100 Boutique Living guests will simply leave you wanting for more.

À La Carte Menu

English Breakfast

Egg, Bacon, Sausages, Tomatoes, Baked Beans served with toasted bread & butter.

Avocado Tartine (V)

Avocado, Tomatoes, Fried E8g & Green Leaves
served on Maltese Bread with butter & a drizzle of

Scrambled Egg Tartine

Tomatoes, Scrambled Eggs & Bacon served on
Maltese Bread with butter & garnished with green

Salmon Muffin

Muffin with Cream Cheese, Tomatoes, Avocado,
Smoked Salmon and Green Leaves

Avocado Muffin (V)

Muffin served with a mixture of Avocado, Egg, Soft Cheese & Lemon garnished with Green Leaves.

Egg, Sausage and Bacon Muffin

Served with butter and green leaves

Traditional Maltese Pastizzi (V)

Traditional Maltese Savoury Pastry Duo.
One served with ricotta & one served with peas

Savoury Croissant with Ham & Cheese

served with green leaves and butter

Smoked Salmon Toastie

Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Eggs, and Cream Cheese on Toast.

Scrambled Eggs on on Toast (V)

Served with Jam, honey or hazelnut spread

Halloumi Salad (GF) (V)

Avocado, Tomatoes & Green Leaves

Greek Soft Cheese Salad (GF) (V)

Tomatoes, Cucumber, Olives, Onions & Green Leaves


Choose from: Tomatoes, Bacon, Cheese, Onions
Choose from: white or wholemeal bread

Toast (V)

Served with Jam, honey or hazelnut spread

French Toast

Served with Seasonal Fresh Fruit, Cream & Syrup

Sweet Croissant (V)

Served with Seasonal Fresh Fruit served and a choice
of Jams, Honey or Hazelnut Spread

Granola Parfait (V)

Greek Yoghurt, Granola, Nuts, Fruit and Honey

Banana Split Treat

Banana, Greek Yoghurt, Fruit, Nuts & Syrup

Fresh Fruit Salad (GF) (V)

Breakfast is served between 7:30 am and 9:30 am

A choice of hot beverages including tea, coffee, espresso, americano & cappuccinos are also offered complimentary with the breakfast.

Kindly inform us of any allergies or intolerances which you may have.

V- Vegetarian| GF – Gluten Free